About sanatorium


The sanatorium "South Seaside " – is all year complex for rest and treatment on the Black Sea coast. The territory of sanatorium is arboretum , lying on the 11.5 hectares in the Adler district of Sochi, and a private beach . By placing offers rooms of category " Number of the first category," "Studio," "Lux ", " Suite with terrace ", " villa- apartment ", " apartment ", " Suite " . Regardless of the category in each room has air conditioning , a refrigerator, a TV and a telephone . Organized three meals a day . Modern medical facilities involves the treatment of various diseases of all spheres of the human body , general health cures , including weight loss and cleaning of the body at the cellular level ( Naturamed ) . The outdoor activities are provided by sports grounds , gym , swimming pool with heated sea water, sauna . In the evening there are shows, concerts of pop , disco , bars and cafes. Organized holiday with children - children's room , rides, fun contests and games with animators and entertainment programs .The resort has a car park , shops , a pharmacy, minilaundry , beauty salon , tour desk, and free Wi-Fi, possible transfer to the airport and the railway station . Structure resort provides everything needed for a comfortable stay and the quality of treatment.Sanatorium "South Seashore " was founded in 1964 and was part of the system of the Ministry of Medium Machine Building , which was later renamed at the Department of Atomic Energy . Initially, in the resort there were 2 cases of 300 people. Currently, in the sanatorium there are 5 blocks , 5 cottages with a total capacity of more than 1,000 people.The resort held annually recovery of about 5,000 employees of the nuclear industry. Constantly developed and updated program of vocational rehabilitation for people with occupational diseases associated with the effects of radiation exposure , diseases of the endocrine system , metabolic disorders , as well as to the public - health and preventive methods .With the establishment of close cooperation with the Institute of Biomedical Problems resort began a post-flight rehabilitation of astronauts. Since 2000, the resort has the status of Endocrinology Center and the Center endoecological rehabilitation and recommended by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation and the Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation as a basis for therapeutic and restorative rehabilitation and treatment of the liquidators of the Chernobyl accident and the people of the affected areas.Since 2006, the sanatorium was launched wellness natural healing of the body at the cellular level, " Naturamed " at the heart of which lies the development , including the best practices in nursing of endoecological studies.In 2014, the "South Shore " is celebrating its 50th anniversary! Continuing the tradition of the best resorts of the South , a sanatorium is improved and developed , giving guests the opportunity to get a quality spa and resort in Russia .