To the Partners

In the sanatorium " South Seaside " is developed and constantly has a flexible system of discounts , depending on the season and volume of services provided. Managers of the sanatorium " South Seaside " is always open for cooperation and are ready to meet their partners and customers.
Standard contract of the sanatorium "South Shore"

Sale contract

Licenses and Certificates

The Agency Agreement 2013

Price list for 2012

Price list for 2013

Documents required for the contract:
1) A copy of the Charter of the Organization (first four pages);
2) A copy of the certificate of organization for tax registration;
3) A copy of the certificate of registration organization in the Unified State Register of legal entities;
4) A copy of the license (if the organization is subject to licensing according to the Federal Law of 08.08.2001 № 128-FZ "On licensing certain types of activities");
5) A copy of the Order for appointment of Director of the organization (CEO);
6) Bankers and addresses