The dining at our sanatorium is organized in five halls and the name of each room due to the color gamut of the interior :
RED - coral , gold, pink, green.
The staff of qualified engineers and chefs are constantly working on expanding the range of finished products and on new ways of processing products.
In the manufacture of food is strictly adhered to the technology of their preparation , as well as the laying of the products , time and temperature of heat treatment production . The whole process is controlled not only by the chef , but also by the German thermal equipment - appliance must «RASIONAL». It laid down a special program bringing food until cooked in different ways of cooking / boiling, frying , braising , roasting or combined mode / . Use a probe is determined by the temperature inside the product or willingness dishes and , only then , the oven off and open.
Dietary service , led by a registered dietitian provides professional assistance to every holidaymaker in the selection of proper nutrition based on your disease. Separately, organized diet food Diet for number 9 (diabetes ) and Diet number 8 (obesity ) . Given the nature of the disease developed a comprehensive weekly menu. Guest service is held at a single site , a trained waiter. People suffering from severe diseases of the musculoskeletal system , stand tables with full waiter service .
During the meal in the halls of the present technology , which give advice on any that interest you , the dish , its preparation technology, composition, and a method of heat treatment.
The quality of the products is organized by strict control of the health service . Daily subsistence allowance shall be selected sample of finished products, and food grading is carried out .
Temperature range of halls enables all-weather to eat in comfort .
The level of skill of our professionals allows you to organize : banquets , weddings , corporate parties , receptions, coffee - breaks , both nationally and at the theme style.
It offers banquet facilities, added : art carving , cascades of champagne , chocolate fountains with fruit compositions , aperitifs , digestives and other services on request.
Along with the organized power in the resort restaurants and bars .



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