Fitness room


The fitness room resort " South Shore " , new cardio equipment . Cardio relate to a general tonic mind . When used, increases overall body , trains the heart muscle and burn extra calories. Treadmill - an exercise machine that allows you to train the major muscle groups in the power saving mode for the heart and at the same time to achieve excellent results in terms of fitness and increase stamina . With the ability to customize workouts, these simulators are great for people of all ages and levels of readiness to load. Elliptical Trainer - the newest type of equipment for training. They can be referred to as cardio , trains the cardiovascular system , and to the strength training equipment , strengthens joints, muscles , and as a result, endurance. Professional equipment, allowing train different muscle groups and perform restorative training, attract visitors year-round. Instructors will help you choose an individual training program . We are glad to see you in the gym , " South  Shore" !Venzel news