The park of the resort is a special attraction. In the park you can find all the variety of flora of Black Sea coast , whether it's making a noise of eucalyptus , slender cypress trees , flowering oleander and palm trees south . All this riot of greenery and flowers pleases the eye throughout the year . Particularly pleasing guests fluffy inhabitants of the park - proteins that can not be put off by the society and people even take out of the hands of nuts .
Cosmonauts Alley .
Since 1972, the Suntory " South Seaside " were post-flight rehabilitation of the first Soviet and then Russian pilots – cosmonauts. Since the 80s of the last century it has become a tradition to plant magnolia astronauts, who arrived on holiday. Among the explorers of the cosmos there is an unwritten rule: Planted during the passage of the sanatorium " South Seaside " post-flight rehabilitation of the tree is the key to re- visit the orbit. To date, the sanatorium defeated a fleet which already has 55 magnolia planted not only by the Soviet and Russian but also American , Polish and Romanian astronauts.