Concert Hall

Concert Hall " South Seaside " is known far beyond of  the resort , because it is here Russian pop stars  come to perform. Within the walls of the hall gave their concerts such stars like Orbakajte , Avraam Russo , Valeria , Tatiana Bulanava , Philip of " Smash ", " brilliant" , " Ivanushki International ", "Hi-Fi" and many others.
This stage has become favorite place for actors of the conversational genre. Such names as Mikhail Zadornov , Yevgeny Petrosyan , Elena Stepanenko , brothers Ponomarenko , Svyatoslav Eshchenko , Gennady Vetrov have entertained the audience to tears.
Every summer, collect notices KVN " Burnt by the Sun ", " county town ", " The team of Pyatigorsk ," " People's Friendship University ," and many others.
The walls have seen a lot of famous people , and they know how much joy it brings to our visitors.
And for the children each year there are Disney characters show -Land , children's performances and presentation of dolls .