Indications for treatment.


 The resort is conducted with rehabilitation treatment of adults and children with various diseases:
Cardiovascular System - rheumatism in the active phase , rheumatoid myocardiosclerosis , cardiomyopathy , coronary artery disease with occasional bouts of angina functional class 1-2 , malformations mitral and aortic valve stenosis without the express , residual infectious- allergic myocarditis , hypertension 1-2
extent, atherosclerosis in remission , occlusive disease of 1-2 degrees in remission , posttrombatichesky syndrome , chronic venous insufficiency, disease and Raynaud's syndrome , lower extremity lymphedema primary and secondary grade 1-2 .
Central nervous system - the neuroses with a primary dysfunction of the cardiovascular system , diencephalic syndrome without frequent crises , autonomic dysfunction , the effects of spinal cord trauma , pathology of the nervous system in children in the residual period (including hypertension- hydrocephalic syndrome, neuro-reflex excitability, dysarthria syndrome , cerebral palsy under
compensation) , the effects of deferred encephalitis leptomeningitov during the recovery period .
Peripheral nervous system - radiculoneuritis without exacerbation , infectious polyradiculoneuritis no clearly defined pain , neuralgia, and the wounding of injuries of the peripheral nervous system , the condition after the removal of herniated intervertebral discs (not earlier 4 months after surgery) .
Musculoskeletal diseases  - non-tuberculosis infectious arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis ( ankylosing spondylitis ) , psoriatic arthritis , Reiter's syndrome , deforming spondylosis, spondylarthrosis , osteitis , periostitis infectious and traumatic , myositis, myalgia , bursitis , tenosynovitis , epicondylitis , contractures on the basis of injuries, burns , arthritis , arthropathy associated with other diseases , osteochondropathy , osteochondrosis of the spine.
Gynecological diseases - chronic metritis and endometritis, and chronic adnexitises periadneksity, uterine fibroids and uterine subserous and interstitial not exceed 10 weeks of pregnancy, endometriosis , parametritis ; pelvic peritoneal adhesions , complications after surgery , infertility , menopausal syndrome, various colpites etiology.
Endocrine and Metabolism systems - diffuse goiter , thyrotoxicosis mild to moderate severity , endemic or sporadic euthyroid goiter , chronic inflammatory disease of the thyroid gland non-tuberculous etiology , diabetes mild to moderate severity in sustainable compensation ( non-insulin dependent ), gout , obesity , urine acid diathesis .
Skin diseases - chronic eczema , psoriasis (psoriasis ) , atopic dermatitis diffuse and limited , chronic urticaria , pruritus generalized and limited , seborrhea of the scalp , lichen planus , limited scleroderma . Urogenital - chronic prostatitis , erectile dysfunction , male infertility , benign prostatic hyperplasia 1 degree, urolithiasis , chronic pyelonephritis , chronic cystitis in women , functional disorders of urination.
Teeth and oral cavity diseases  - periodontosis, pulp, tooth decay , filling composite material , the treatment of the oral mucosa .
Respiratory system diseases  - chronic bronchitis simple , non-specific and
professional nature , atypical asthma , mixed , occupational origin , chronic nasopharyngitis , laryngotracheitis , and allergic rhinitis .
Digestive system diseases  - chronic gastritis with preserved and increased secretion , with secretory insufficiency , irritable bowel syndrome , peptic ulcer of the stomach and intestine of duodenum , functional bowel disorders , accompanied by constipation , gallstones without attacks of biliary colic, chronic cholecystitis , chronic cholangitis.