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Program of the Center of natural recovery " Naturamed " is based on a set of deep body cleansing method of endoecological rehabilitation  of Yu.M.Levina ( EDT ) which is consists of through the recovery of the body with natural natural remedies. EARL allows using natural natural remedies to clear the fundamental principle of the body - the cell and pericellular space. The complex consists of three steps: 1) deep cleansing 2 ) restoration of flora 3 ) supplying the body with vitamins and minerals missing . The immune system  is strengthening, improves health , the work of the stomach and intestines, returning vigor and energy and the treatment of various diseases is facilitated. As a result - loosing the extra pounds and years, the  improving of the complexion , you will got a sense of lightness and vitality throughout the body.
     The ending of the course of treatment " NaturaMed " - this is not the end but rather the beginning of recovery. Running back mechanisms of self-healing and self-regulation will continue for several more weeks, starting the process of restoring of all functions of the body it will help to support it in the proper form. The effect of such treatment will be felt long after its ending. Each patient is assigned to the center of individual rehabilitation program , so the number of procedures and compatibility may vary depending on the evidence and the advice of a doctor .

In that case it is necessary to provide the following documents:
*A blood test for RW, HIV.
*Photofluorogram .
*Сonclusion of proctologist.
All this diagnostic procedures you can also get in the sanatorium .

*Neoplastic Diseases
*Chronic disease in acute
*Diabetes mellitus, insulin-dependent
For more information you can browse the Center's website :

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